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Empathy Over Bullying is an organization that is committed to ending bullying in schools and in the workplace. 

E>B strives to end bullying through Awareness, Education, Advocacy, and of course, Empathy through the following goals:


  • Provide educational workshops or webinars on anti-bullying.

  • Provide a workbook for parents on how to prevent and end bullying.

  • Provide a journal for employees on how to document and end workplace bullying.

  • Provide a list of therapists to help individuals cope with bullying.

  • Provide advocacy on ways individuals can end bullying in their state/town.

  • Partner with larger organizations.

Join the Movement! 

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All proceeds go to the planning and development of the above goals of Empathy over Bullying.  

Book a Coaching Session
$125 for a 60-minute session or 3 session bundle for $299
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