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Healing Black Trauma & Shame


I am the reigning

Mrs. Black International Ambassador 2021!

As Mrs. Black International Ambassador, I am dedicated to erasing the stigma and improving awareness of mental health, especially in the black community! One way for the black community to move forward in victory is to heal past trauma and shame rooted in racism and oppression. 

My international platform is titled Healing Black Trauma and Shame. The goal of this platform is to identify, isolate, and heal the many ways that oppression has caused trauma and shame in the black community worldwide.

I believe the keys to healing black trauma and shame are through identifying the problem, education, isolating the solution, and healing!

Look out for some very exciting programs and appearances from me as I do my part to promote mental health and healing black trauma/shame in the community!

I have partnered with the following amazing organizations (listed on the left) to make my platform successful.

My Resume of Community Service


As Mrs. Black International Ambassador 2021 and Mrs. Black Maryland International Ambassador 2020, I worked diligently to raise awareness by serving the community in various ways listed below:

  1. Conducted an Interactive mental health webinar on Charles county matters on how to protect your mental health during COVID-19. 3/23/20.

  2. Conducted a mental health PSA for Janell Martin Reality on keeping a positive attitude during COVID-19 3/24/20.

  3. Led a virtual workshop on self-esteem and beauty for the young ladies of Phenomenal Young Women. March 2020.

  4. Hosted a virtual read-along for the students of Stanton Elementary School on anti-bullying. April 2020.

  5. Made masks and donated them to frontline and health care workers in the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. March-June 2020.

  6. Read the book I authored “The Germ: How to Talk to Children about Racism and Diversity”  to the children of Jack and Jill of America during their “Bedtime Stories” program. June 2020.

  7. Served a panelist for the Durham (North Carolina) Aggie Club’s mental health symposium on managing children’s and families mental health during the quarantine of COVID-19. Summer 2020.

  8. Served as a panelist for the Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church (Harrisburg, PA) mental health symposium on coping through COVID-19. Summer 2020.

  9. Created and presented a workshop on self-care and coping through COVID-19 to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated Alpha Mu Initiates. Summer 2020. 

  10. Created and hosted an 8-week video podcast series on Instagram and YouTube titled “Managing Anxiety in the Storm”. With that program, I interviewed mental health experts and community leaders from the East Coast to the West coast on mental health topics pertinent to today. Some of the highlights included how to manage children’s mental health during COVID, how to use certain forms of dance as a coping mechanism while quarantined, and how to love a partner/spouse with a mental illness. Summer 2020.

  11. Created a weekly short video series titled “Your Mental Health Check-In”, which provided fast facts and tips for improving mental health and coping skills during these times.

  12. Read to hospitalized children virtually through the “Reading with Royalty” program. September 2020. 

  13. Created and hosted an Instagram Live workshop along with Ms. Keaira G. Turner, Miss Black South East International Ambassador 2020 on women’s empowerment in a program titled “Queens fix their own Crowns”.

  14. Created and hosted a workshop for the Society of Pageant Women titled “The Crown Within”, which focused on the psychology behind pageantry. **Upcoming in December 2020**

  15. Presented research on “How African Americans are Resilient and Coping with the Impact of COVID-19 and Why African American’s tend to distrust Public Health” for the Maryland Counseling Association’s annual conference. October 2020.

  16. Presented a workshop on “Racial Respect” for the Child Welfare Academy (University of Maryland), November 2020.


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