Empathy over Bullying was created to provide tangible and realistic approaches to reducing bullying in schools and communities. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Research supports that empathy training can significantly reduce bullying in schools. In fact, school systems in Denmark have been teaching empathy to school children since 1993! Not only did the Danish school systems experience a reduction in bullying, children were happier and more apt for leadership later in life. In addition to this empathy curriculum, schools reflected the community-oriented and non-competitive culture. In a culture where individuation and competition are rewarded, narcissism can grow. Empathy training in schools is an off-shoot of an overall culture of community and helping others as the norm. 

Sounds like a panacea huh? Actually, this focus can be a reality. In the United States, educators are beginning to notice that empathy is the secret to reducing bullying in schools. Given the fact that the trauma and shame of childhood bullying can last for at least 40 years in an individual, it is time to fast track a solution!

The Empathy over Bullying initiative has the following goals:

  • Educate the community about the problem of childhood and adult bullying.

  • Inform the community about the quality of empathy.

  • Encourage schools, organizations, and the community to choose empathy over bullying. 

The Empathy over Bullying goals will be accomplished by:

  • Regular mini webinars on social media. (coming soon)

  • Consultations with schools/organizations/communities.

  • Training in schools, organizations, and communities.

  • Promotion of the book "Briana and the Bully Busting Brigade" as a way to promote empathy.

Reach out to Dr. Sorrell at Deidra.Sorrell@gmail.com to discuss training's, consultations, or book readings at your school. 

What Can You Do? 

You can support this cause by making a pledge to reduce bullying by embracing empathy.

1. Never tolerate bullying! If you see it, speak out against it.

2.Tell a teacher or trusted adult if you observe bullying at your school etc...

3. Do not participate in bullying. Do not engage in spreading rumors, forwarding memes that tease others, or instigating conflict between others. 

4. Be a friend! If you see someone who is lonely, speak to them. Be nice. Imagine yourself in their shoes and be the friend that you would want!

5. Wear the Merch! Proceeds go to the Empathy Over Bullying non-profit.  Check out the link below for t-shirts and other merchandise.

6. Buy the book! Briana and the Bully Busting Brigade is now on sale in soft cover and Kindle formats. The Kindle book is ON SALE for less than $1.00 for a limited time only! Below is the link to purchase.

7. DOWNLOAD your FREE Empathy Building Worksheet here! This worksheet is for grades

4 to adult and will help teach empathy to reduce bullying! Use this worksheet in your class or practice today! 

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